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Nursery 3 Scheme of Work

The National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools (NAPPS) Nursery 3 Scheme of Work in Nigeria Schools serves as a guideline for educators to plan and execute teaching activities according to the Nigerian standard

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The NAPPS Nursery 3 Scheme of Work is a structured guide for teachers. It outlines the topics and activities for each term.
The scheme covers essential subjects like Numeracy, Literacy, Basic Science and Technology, etc. It ensures young children have a balanced and exciting learning experience in the classroom.

Teachers use this scheme to plan and organize their lessons. It helps maintain a consistent teaching standard across different schools.

The aim of the scheme is to:

  1. Provide a solid educational foundation. 
  2. Prepares children for primary school and future academic success.

Subjects in NAPPS Scheme of Work for Nursery 3 

There are 12 subjects for Nursery 2 students in the NAPPS scheme of work and they are:

  1. Literacy (Letter Work)
  2. Literacy ( Language Domain)
  3. Numeracy
  4. Basic science and technology 
  5. Health Habits 
  6. Social Habits
  7. Civic Education
  8. Physical and Health Education 
  9. Personal Development 
  10. Creativity  
  11. Songs and rhymes
  12. Handwriting

What is the Difference Between the Lagos State Unified Scheme of Work & NAPPS Scheme of Work?

The Lagos State Unified Scheme of Work and the National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools (NAPPS) Scheme of Work both serve as educational resources for educators but they have their differences. Here are 3 differences between the Lagos State Unified Scheme of Work and the NAPPS scheme of work.


  1. The Lagos State Unified Scheme of Work is the official scheme for all schools in Lagos State. It was developed by the Lagos State government. The NAPPS scheme on the other hand as the name suggests was created by the National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools and is used by most private schools in the country.


  1. Implementation of the Lagos State Unified Scheme of Work is monitored by the Lagos State Ministry of Education, which ensures schools adhere to the prescribed curriculum.


  1. Many regard the NAPPS scheme of work as more detailed and modern. It is updated regularly to fit current trends and make learning easier.


Age-Grade by Classes











Nursery 1



Nursery 2



Nursery 3/Kindergarten(Pre-Primary)



Primary 1


The table above shows children between 0-6 years old age grades according to the Lagos State Unified Scheme of Work. It lists the class young learners are expected to be placed in based on their age to ensure appropriate academic and social development. 

This age grading system helps the association create educational content and teaching methods to the developmental needs of each age group, and fosters a conducive learning environment.

All Nursery 3 Scheme of Work

Literacy (Letter Work)
Literacy (Language Domain)
Basic Science & Technology
Health Habit
Civic Education
Physical & Health Education
Personal Development
Hand Writing

Recommended Textbooks for Nursery 3


  1. Radiat English for Beginners Juniah A. B. Oyeyemi
  2. My Picture Coloring and Reading Book Evans Ani E. L.


  1. Radiant Mathematics for Beginners Juniah A. B. Oyeyemi
  2. Methodical Approach to Nursery Mathematics Book 1 Rasmed Olukunle Fajobi et al


  1. Science Book For Nursery Schools Bk 1 Evans Awoniyi et al


  1. Health Habits for Nursery Schools Bk 1 Evans Awoniyi et al


  1. Evans Nursery Social Habits Book Evans Awoniyi et al


viii. A New Poetry Book For Primary Schools Onibonoje Press Dayo Ogunniyi

Frequently Asked Questions on Nursery 3 Scheme of Work

Is this NAPPS Scheme of Work mandatory for Nursery 3 teachers in Nigeria?

The NAPPS Scheme of Work is not mandatory, but it is a highly recommended resource that aligns with the Nigerian National Early Childhood Curriculum (NECC).

What are the benefits of using the NAPPS Scheme of Work?

This scheme of work saves educators a lot of time and effort in lesson planning and ensures their lessons are in line with the curriculum alignment.

Does the scheme provide specific lesson plans for each day/week?

The scheme of work only provides lesson plans per week with a section that tells educators how to go about the teachings for the week

How can the scheme be adapted to cater to children with different learning styles or needs?

The NAPPS scheme allows educators to explore various fun activities and resources to ensure all children will enjoy and understand their lessons.

Can the NAPPS Scheme of Work be used for Nursery classes outside of Nigeria?

While the NAPPS Scheme of Work is specifically designed for the Nigerian context and NECC, it can offer a general framework for educators in other countries. However, it would be necessary to adapt it to the specific curriculum and learning objectives of that particular country.

How does the syllabus ensure that learning is enjoyable for children?

The syllabus has a variety of engaging and playful activities that will cater to the interests and development of young children, making education a fun and positive experience.

Are there suggested activities and resources included in the scheme?

Yes, the scheme offers various suggested activities and resources to enhance the learning experience.

How can the scheme be adapted for students with different learning needs?

The NAPPS  scheme of work is flexible enough for teachers to modify lessons and activities to cater to diverse learning needs and abilities.

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