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About JSS1 Literature-in-English Scheme of Work

Literature-in-English studies for JSS1 introduces pupils to the world of English literature, covering a variety of literary forms such as prose, poetry, and drama. Studying Literature in English helps students cultivate critical thinking abilities, refine language skills, and gain insights into diverse cultures, societies, and human experiences.

In JSS1, Literature in English teaches students basic literary analysis techniques, including recognising literary devices like metaphor, and simile. It also explores a range of literary genres such as short stories, folktales, and myths.

By studying Literature in English, students enhance their comprehension skills and develop an appreciation for the art.

Assessment Guide

In junior secondary schools, assessment methods in Literature-in-English may vary from one institution to another. However, the common approaches include regular tests or quizzes, known as Continuous Assessment Tests (CATs), and end-of-term exams.

Students’ performance is graded on a scale ranging from A to F. An A grade reflects outstanding achievement,  corresponding to scores around 70% or 80%. An F grade indicates failure, typically associated with scores below 50% or 45%.

Download JSS1 Literature-in-English Scheme of Work


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Download the Lagos State Unified Scheme of Work for JSS1 Literature-in-English

JSS1 First Term Scheme of Work for Literature-in-English

 Literature in English Scheme of Work for Junior Secondary School 1(JSS1)
 SubjectLiterature in English
 TermFirst Term
1The meaning, history, and functions of Literature. 
10Types of Literature.i. Oral Literature. ii. Written Literature.
3 i. Types of Oral Literature. ii. Categories of Written Literature.
4The genres of Literature.i. Prose ii. Drama iii. Poetry
5Genre of Literature: Prose.i. Features ii. Types iii. Elements iv. Other aspects of Prose.
6Genre of Literature: Drama.i. Features ii. Types iii. Terms used in Drama
7Genre of Literature: Poetry.i. Features ii. Types iii. Elements
8Poetic Devices. 
9Figures of Speech. 
10Figures of Speech. 

JSS1 Second Term Scheme of Work for Literature-in-English

 TermSecond Term
1Literary AppreciationHow to Appreciate a Literary Work.
Reading: Drama
Reading of the drama text(s) for the term.
5 i. Background of the dramatist(s) of the read drama text(s). ii. Background and Setting of the drama text(s). iii. Plot Summary. iv. Themes.
Reading: Prose
Reading of the novel(s) for the term.
9 i. Background of the novelist(s) of the read novel(s). ii. Background and Setting of the novel(s). iii. Plot Summary. iv. Themes.
Poetry: Analysis of Poems for the term.
i. Background/Thematic Preoccupation. ii. Setting. iii. Poetic Devices.
11 -12Revision/Examination 

JSS1 Thrid Term Scheme of Work for Literature-in-English

 TermThird Term
1Revision/Resumption Test 
2Types of dramai. Tragedy ii. Comedy iii. Tragicomedy
3Features of dramai. Theme ii. Stage iii. Costume
4Features of drama (contd)i. Play director ii. Audience iii. Performance
5Reading and explanation of a drama text. 
6Definition of Figures of speech 
7Use of comparisonSimile and Metaphor.
8Literary appreciation of a poem 
9Poetryi. Definition ii. Types iii. Features iv. Analysis of a poem
10Emphasis on using elevated language for writing poems to differentiate it from Prose Literature. 
12 -13Examination 

Recommended Literature-in-English Textbooks for Junior Secondary School 1

The following are the recommended Literature in English textbooks for JSS1.


  1. Neighbourhood Kids – Inno Ejike
  2. The Spanner Boy – J.C. Ihejirika
  3. Two sides of a coin – Charity Chinoso Iheanacho
  4. Angel in Distress – Joyce Unegbu
  5. Nkechi the Heroine – Camillus Chima U.


  1. The Price of Evil Deed – Onyinye Matilda Onyemaechi
  2. The Fate of an Orphan – Chidimma Blessing Mmadueke
  3. The Ugly Ones Refuse to Die – Habib Takoab
  4. Oluchi’s Pride –  Charles Uche
  5. Red Loyalty – Chioma Eze


  1. Poems for JSS – Niyi Osundare.
  2. Dawn of a New Day – Benedicta Naomi Mbanuzue.
  3. Chants for Tomorrow – N.F.A. Oparaji
  4. A Tale of Thoughts – Uchecukwu Onwu.
  5. Colony of Rags and Other Poems – Inya Richard.

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