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About SSS3 Further Mathematics Scheme of Work

Further Mathematics at the SSS3 level is an advanced course that builds on basic math. It covers topics like advanced algebra, calculus, statistics, and mechanics, which are crucial for students interested in subjects like engineering, physics, economics, and math itself.

Studying Further Mathematics using the Lagos state unified scheme of work is very important for the WASSCE exam. It helps students stand out in the WASSCE and prepares them well for higher education in STEM fields, both in Nigeria and internationally. Universities and employers value candidates who have a good grasp of Further Mathematics because it shows strong analytical skills and problem-solving abilities.

Success in Further Mathematics also boosts students’ chances of getting scholarships and gaining admission to top universities. It not only prepares them for more challenging math in college but also teaches them how to think critically and solve complex problems, which are essential skills for many careers.

Assessment Guide

SSS3 students in Nigeria are assessed in Further Mathematics through continuous assessments and the WASSCE. Continuous assessments include class tests, assignments, oral presentations, projects, and class participation. The WASSCE consists of multiple-choice questions and essays,. These assessments evaluate a range of skills, ensuring holistic evaluation, skill development, preparation for higher education and careers, and identifying areas for improvement.

SSS3 First Term Scheme of Work for Further Mathematics

 Further Mathematics Scheme of Work for Senior Secondary Schools 3(SSS3)
 ClassS.S.S 3
 SubjectFurther Mathematics
 TermFirst Term
1InequalitiesQuadratic inequalities and inequalities in two dimensions.
2&3Matrices and determinant
2*2, 3*3
Basic definitions of:
(1) matrices as linear addition subtraction and multiplication.
(2) matrices as a linear transformation
(3) determinant
(4) solution of 2 and 3 simultaneous equations.
4Partial Fraction1) Basic definitions of partial fraction
(2) Proper rational function with denominators as linear factors (distinct and repeated and others).
5&6Probability and distribution and approximation(1) Binomial
(2) Poisson
(3) Normal distribution
(4) Binomial approximation by passion distribution.
7&8Variance(1) Mean
(2) Variance
(3) Coefficient of variance of binomial Poisson and normal distributions.
9&10Correlation(1) Concept of correlation as a measure of relationships.
(2) Scatter diagrams
(3) Rank correlation
(4) Tied rank.


SSS3 Second Term Scheme of Work for Further Mathematics

 TermSecond Term
1&2Integration(1) Understand integration as the reverse process of differentiation
(2) Integration of algebraic polynomials including logarithmic function.
(3) Definite integrals and application to kinematics apply to v-t and s-t graphs
(4) Area under the curve trapezoidal rule volume of solids of revolution.
3&4Conic Sections(1) Equation of parabola, ellipse hyperbola in rectangular Cartesian coordinates.
(2) Parametric equation.
5&6Statics1) Force in equilibrium.
(2) Resultant parallel force (in the same direction and in opposite directions) acting on a rigid body.
(3) Moment of a force 2 and 3 force acting at a point.
(4) Polygon of force
(5) Resolution force of friction.
7Modeling(1) Introduction to modeling dependent and independent variables in mathematical modeling.
(2) Examples of some model construction of some methodologies of modeling.
(3) Application to physical biological social and behavioral services.
8Games Theory(1) Introduction to game theory
(2) Description of types of game
(3) Solution of two-person zero-sum games using pure and mixed strategies.
(4) Matrix games.
9Revision and Examination 


Recommended Further Mathematics Textbooks for Senior Secondary School 3

The recommended Further Mathematics textbooks for SSS3 include but are not limited to the following:

  • Further Mathematics Project SS1, 2 and 3    
  • Hidden Facts in Further Mathematics for Senior Secondary Schools    
  • Bounty New Further Mathematics Project 1-3 
  • Past Questions and Answers on Further Mathematics by F.O. Oluwatope & Y. Akintunde.
  • Additional Mathematics by Godman et al

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