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About SSS3 Mathematics Scheme of Work

Mathematics in Senior Secondary School 3 (SSS3) in Nigeria represents the culmination of secondary-level mathematical education. It covers key areas such as algebra, calculus, geometry, statistics, and trigonometry, ensuring students acquire a comprehensive mathematical foundation.

Mathematics is a core subject in WASSCE, and a strong grasp of the SSS3 topics greatly enhances students’ performance. Excelling in WASSCE mathematics is often required for admission into higher education institutions, making it crucial for students aspiring to enter science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. It also provides a solid foundation for non-STEM disciplines that rely on quantitative skills like economics, business, and social sciences.

The  Lagos State unified scheme of work for SSS3 Mathematics aims to strengthen students’ understanding of advanced mathematical concepts and their practical applications. It comprises the complex topics which are essential for passing the WASSCE. It is vital beyond the classroom, significantly impacting students’ career choices and development.

Assessment Guide

SSS3 students in Nigeria are assessed in Mathematics through continuous assessments and the WASSCE. Continuous assessments include class tests, assignments, oral presentations, projects, and class participation. The WASSCE consists of multiple-choice questions, essays, and practical exercises. These assessments evaluate a range of skills, ensuring holistic evaluation, skill development, preparation for higher education and careers, and identifying areas for improvement.

SSS3 First Term Scheme of Work for Mathematics

 Mathematics Scheme of Work for Senior Secondary Schools 3(SSS3)
 ClassS.S.S 3
 TermFirst Term
1Surds(1) Meaning of rational and irrational numbers reading to the definition of surds
(2) The rules guiding the basic operation with surds
(3) Conjugate of a binomial surds using the idea of difference of two squares.
(4) Application to solving triangles involving trigonometric ratios of special angles of 30, 60, and 45 degrees.
(5) Evaluation of expression involving surds.
2Matrices and determinants(1) Definition order and notation of matrix.
(2) Types of matrices e.g. addition and subtraction of matrices,
(3) Scalar multiplication of matrices and multiplication of matrices/general matrix multiplication.
3Matrices and determinant (continued)(1) Determinants of 2×2 and 3×3 matrices.
(2) Transpose of a matrix
(3) Matrices and simultaneous equations.
4Logarithms and indices.(1) Revision of laws of indices and laws of logarithm.
(2) Use laws of logarithm to simplify and/or evaluate given expressions without the use of logarithm table.
(3) Use logarithm table for purpose of calculation.
5Arithmetic of finance(1) Simple interest (Revision)
(2) compound interest
(3) Depreciation
(4) Annuities
(5) Amortization
6Arithmetic of finance (continued)Further use of logarithm table in problem involving:
(1) Bonds and debenture (2) Shares (3) Rates (4) Income tax (5) Value added tax.
7Application or linear and quadratic equations to capital market.(1) Revision of solution of simultaneous linear and quadratic equation
(2) Word problems on linear equations, simultaneous linear equations, quadratic equations are linear are quadratic.
(3) Application to capital market.
8Trigonometry: Graphs of trigonometric ratios.(1) Construct tables of values for sine and cosine graphs
(2) Plot graphs of sine and cosine.
9Trigonometry of graphs of sine, cosine and tangent.(1) Graphs of sine, cosine and tangent
(2) Graphical solution of simultaneous linear and trigonometric equation.
10Surface AreaSurface area of a sphere and hemisphere.


SSS3 Second Term Scheme of Work for Mathematics

 TermSecond Term
1Volume of a sphereVolume of a sphere
2Longitude and Latitude(1) Earth as a sphere
(2) Identification of North and South poles.
(3) Longitude and latitude
(4) Small and great circles or meridian and equator
(5) Parallel of latitude
(6) Radius of parallel of latitude and radius of the earth.
3Longitude and Latitude (continued)(1) Locate given longitudes and latitudes on the globe
(2) Revise arc of length of a curve/angular difference.
(3) Calculation of distance between two points on the earth on either the great circle or small circles.
(4) Knotical, rules, time variation.
4Coordinate Geometry of: coordinates(1) Cartesian rectangular coordinates
(2) Plotting the linear graphs
(3) Distance between two coordinate point
(4) Mid-point of line joining two points.
5Coordinate geometry of: Straight lines(1) Gradient and intercept of a straight line.
(2) Determination of equation of a straight line.
(3) Find the angle between two intersecting straight line.
(4) Application of linear graph to real life situations.
6Differentiation of algebraic fractions(1) Meaning of differentiation/deriv ative functions.
(2) Differentiation from the first principle
(3) Standard derivatives of some basic functions
7Differentiation of algebraic fractions(1) Rules of differentiation such as
(a) Sum and difference (b) Product rule (c) Quotient rule
(2) Application to real life situation such as maxims and minima, velocity, acceleration and rate of change.
8Integration of simple algebraic functions.(1) Integration and evaluation of definite simple algebraic functions.
(2) Solving differential equations.
(3) Application of integration in calculating area under the curve
(4) Use of Simpson’s rule to find area under the curve.


Recommended Mathematics Textbooks for Senior Secondary School 3

The recommended Mathematics textbooks for SSS3  include but are not limited to the following:

  • Transformation Mathematics  by Chinemeze Austin E. Nwabunwanne – University Press Plc 
  • Excellence in Mathematics by Contributor/Reviewer M.O Giwa – Cambridge University Press
  • Spectrum High Standard Mathematics  by Gabriel A, Oulmi M, Nwachukwu U. et al – Spectrum Books Ltd SS 1-3 
  • New General Mathematics by Mf Macrae. AO Kalejaiye, ZI Chima, GU Garba – Pearson Education Limited SS 1-3 
  • Extension Modern Mathematics by Frank Yeboah, Olusanya OIsunre et al – Extension Publication SS 1-3 
  • All Schools Mathematics by Ofojebe Tochukwu – Sunny 

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  • New School Secondary Mathematics for Senior Secondary Schools  
  • Daily Mastery of Mathematics and English for SS1-3  by Aremu B and Ariyo S.O. 

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