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About SSS3 Visual Arts Scheme of Work

Visual Arts as a subject in Senior Secondary 3 (SS3) in Nigeria is a broad and engaging field that teaches students essential concepts, techniques, and historical backgrounds of art. The Lagos state unified scheme of work for visual arts aims to enhance students’ creativity, aesthetic appreciation, and cultural awareness through diverse forms of visual expression. 

Significantly, the study of Visual Arts prepares students for the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE), assessing their practical skills in art-making and theoretical knowledge of art history, materials, techniques, and critical analysis. Success in the WASSCE not only validates students’ proficiency in Visual Arts but also enhances their opportunities for higher education and careers in fields such as fine arts, graphic design, architecture, and art education.

Additionally, Visual Arts in SSS3 cultivates skills highly valued in today’s global economy, such as creativity, innovation, and visual communication. These skills are transferable across various disciplines and are increasingly sought after in industries where design thinking and artistic sensibilities ar

Assessment Guide

Assessment in SSS3 Visual Arts in Nigeria includes practical artwork creation, portfolio compilation, written assignments on art history and theory, timed practical exams, exhibitions, and peer/teacher evaluations. It culminates in the WASSCE, assessing both practical skills and theoretical knowledge. These methods aim to foster creativity, technical proficiency, and critical thinking, and prepare students for careers in the arts and related fields.

SSS3 First Term Scheme of Work for Visual Arts

 Visual Arts Scheme of Work for Senior Secondary Schools 3(SSS3)
 ClassS.S.S 3
 SubjectVisual Arts
 TermFirst Term
1Western art historyStyles and periods:
– pre-historical
– Greek Art
– roman Art
– early Christian Art Islamic and
– medieval Art
– renaissance Art
2Western art historyThe differences in styles e.g. Islamic and Christian art and the style of Leonardo Da Vinci and that of Greek vase painters.
3Impact of African art on western art and vice versa1. 19th and 20th Century art of Europe:
– Impressionism
– Expressionism
– Abstraction
– Cubism
– New concept and media for art in Africa
2. neglect of African art education and destruction of many artifacts.
4Impact of Nigerian art on western art.1. Benin primitive and looted art works.
2. Ife bronze heads, iron ceremonial screens.
5Impact of Nigerian art on western art.1. Yoruba carved doors, bowls and pillar posts.
2. Nok art culture and other traditional Nigerian arts
6Contemporary world artNew terms and direction in Art
– Visual culture
– Installation art
– Performance art
– Video art
7Drawing and painting from life1. Drawing the human figure with colour crayon or colour ink
2. Control of paint, crayon or colour in from light and shade effect
3. Proportion: Relation of parts to part of the whole body.
– Anatomical studies
– Drawing or painting of portraits
– Quick action poses
-Long poses for detail drawing and painting
4. Still life drawing and painting of objects
5. landscape drawing and painting
8Sculpture wood carving in relief1. Relief carving
2. types of relief – low and high
3. Carrima tods
4. Various functions of carving tools.
9Carving in the round (simple) forms1. Defines carving in the round.
2. Illustrate by carving an object in the round for the students to see.
10Carving in the round (life forms)Carving in the round
– volume
– Plane
– mass
– Base

SSS3 Second Term Scheme of Work for Visual Arts

 TermSecond Term
1Making models for art productionDesigns of objects: cars, bottles, cell phone, building, airplanes, gliders
2Block lettering1. Block lettering exercise. Roman, Gothic and so on
2. construct simple block lettering
3. Know the qualities of lettering
4. Know the functions of lettering
3Calligraphy1. Calligraphic lettering. Sam serif ornament
2. Calligraphic pen writing
4Computer assisted design1. Corel Draw windows environment: task bar, menu bar, tool box, status bar page view
2. Clip art for illustration
3. Texts, – Dialogue boxes, interactive fill tools
4. Logout features
5Layout and book illustration1. layout features:
– Columns
– Margin
– Spine
– Bleeding
– Blurb etc.
2. Illustration techniques on computer using free hand tools
6Spinning and weaving1. Basic principles
– Warp
– Weft
– Colour
– Pattern
2. Spinning process
7Stencils1. Paper stencil cutting
2. Screen stencil laying and cutting.
8Photography1. Types of camera – Double lens reflex – Single lens reflex – Box camera – Bellow camera
2. Terminologies in photography – Focus – Snap – View Panning
3. Parts of a SLR camera: – Apparatus – Lens – View finder
4. Photographic materials and equipments – Camera – Film
5. Photographic processes – Loading – Snap – Shooting
9Revision and Examination 


Recommended Visual Arts Textbooks for Senior Secondary School 3

The recommended Visual Arts textbooks for SSS3 include but are not limited to the following:

  • Integrated Visual Arts for Secondary Schools by Bayo Okunlola et al 

        Bounty Press 

  • NERDC  Guide to Visual Art Examination by Bayo Okunlola  

        Sea Publishers 

  • Certificate Art for Junior and Senior Secondary Schools by UPL Publishers.


  • A3 size Sketch Pad      
  • Pack of Pencil Colours (with long pencil colours)      
  • A packet of felt tips    
  • A3 or A4 size tracing paper        
  • Palette (big size) and palette knife (plastic type)    
  • Charcoal or charcoal pencils (2)    
  • Sets of calligraphy pens    
  • Ink Rot ring or Stadler    
  • Drawing instruments / Maths Set    
  • Poster colour (A pack of 12 bottles)    
  • Pack of hog brushes    
  • Pack of sable brushes    
  • Pack of B pencils

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