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JSS2 Security Education Scheme of Work

Download the Junior Secondary School 2 (JSS2) Scheme of Work by National Association of Proprietor of Private School(NAPPS) for Security Education to serve as a guide for educators

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About JSS2 Security Education Scheme of Work

Security Education forms a crucial part of the syllabus for students in Junior Secondary School 2 (JSS2). This subject is designed to provide students with the necessary knowledge and abilities to comprehend various aspects of security, safety, and personal protection within their communities and beyond. 

The scheme of work covers topics like crime prevention and emergency management. Through both theoretical teachings and practical activities, students gain insights into potential risks and strategies for risk reduction, nurturing a sense of accountability toward their safety and that of others. 

Security Education in JSS2 helps to shape students into informed and proactive citizens, ready to contribute to the security and well-being of their communities.

Assessment Guide

In junior secondary schools, how students are assessed in Security Education can differ from school to school. However, typically, they are evaluated through tests or oral quizzes (Continuous Assessment Tests) and end-of-term exams.

Grading usually follows a scale from A to F, with A representing excellent performance, typically scoring around 70% or 80%, and F indicating failure, usually below 40%

JSS2 First Term Scheme of Work for Security Education

 Security Education Scheme of Work for Junior Secondary School 2(JSS2)
 ClassJ.S.S 2
 SubjectSecurity Education
 TermFirst Term
1Definition of Crime
2Observation of Crime
3Reporting of Crime
4Common Crimes in School
5Common Crimes in our Environment
6Consequences of Common Crimes in Schools
7Consequences of Common Crimes in our Society
8Effects of Common Crimes at Schools
9Effects of Common Crimes in our Society
10Emergency Management
11 -12Revision and Examination

JSS2 Second Term Scheme of Work for Security Education

 TermSecond Term
1-10Emergency Management
11-12Revision and Examination

JSS2 Third Term Scheme of Work for Security Education

 TermThird Term
1Appropriate Response to emergency
2Appropriate Action in
Emergency Management

Recommended Security Education Textbooks for Junior Secondary School 2

The recommended textbooks for Security Education in J.S.S.2 include:

  • New Comprehensive Security Education by Okoli G. O  – Think – Tank Educational Publishers
  • Model Basic Security Education by Obi, Franca Ego, Ph.D; – CHASE PUBLICATIONS LIMITED
  • Security Education with Workbook by Akpa Helen U.  – Bechor Publishers

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